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Bob's Red Mill Organic Flour

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Organic Satsuma Mandarins

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Sockeye Salmon Filet

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Upcoming Classes and Events

Half Moon Bay Yoga Flow- All Levels

This class begins with a gentle warm-up, flowing into a series of balancing poses, core work, twists and sun salutations to build heat before winding down to healing and restorative p...

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Half Moon Bay Gentle Yoga

Start your day with a gentle take on traditional yoga. All elements of regular yoga are practiced at a slower, more gentle pace. An excellent format to improve flexibility as poses are ...

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Westside Santa Cruz Superfoods Nutrition Class

With Certified Nutrition Consultant Madia Jamgochian Superfoods aren't limited to exotic berries that grow in the Amazon rain forest. A superfood can be classified as anything that is h...

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Half Moon Bay Gentle Stretch Yoga with LindaGrace

Using chairs and other yoga props, this class is designed to create breath awareness, enhance balance, and increase flexibility for people new to yoga or those experiencing joint sensit...

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Westside Santa Cruz A Taste of Morocco

Learn how to make Morcoccan classics in this hands-on cooking class!...

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