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The Beauty Of Buying Food In Bulk

Discover our bulk food department. The beauty of buying food in bulk is that it’s both economical and ecological. With hundreds of foods to choose from—many of them tagged organic—you can buy just what you’re looking for in just the amount you want—a pinch of paprika, a pound of red lentils, a cup of rice flour . . . the list is endless.

Explore all our bins have to offer—you’ll find organic beans and grains, organic dried fruit, organic raw and roasted nuts, organic and gourmet granolas, local candies, non-GMO protein powder, fair trade and organic coffees, herbs and spices, honey, pastas, trail mixes, sea vegetables and a variety of flours. If there’s something you don’t see and you want it, let us know. Oh, and did we mention you can also grind your own coffee and nut butters.

Try a little or stock up. If you’d like a sample—just ask.

When You Shop In Bulk You:

  • Save money. A bulk item can be nearly 90% less expensive than the same item on the shelf.
  • Befriend the environment. Bulk goods have smaller carbon footprints. We buy many of our bulk goods from local farmers and independent manufacturers, so often they don’t have to travel so far and, of course, this really cuts down on the use of packaging (think less plastic and paper waste).
  • Reduce waste by buying just the amount you need. 
  • Get to try new things without making a big commitment. Want to see if a recipe works with rice flour or sample a new coffee variety? Just buy a few scoopfuls. 
  • Receive an additional 10% discount when you buy bulk in quantity.
  • Order items you don’t find.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for at your local New Leaf, the department manager will be happy to special order it for you. Just ask!

How To Shop À La Bulk

  • Find your item or ask for it. If you can’t find the “treasure” you’re after in our bountiful bulk department or have questions, just ask a New Leafer to help.
  • Grab it and bag it. Use one of our sanitary utensils or dispense your item into either a provided bag or your own container. If you’ve brought your own, ask a cashier to weigh it before you fill it, so you pay only for the item and not the additional weight of the container.
  • Secure it with a twist-tie. Then write the item’s four-digit code on the tie to make checkout easy, note the name of the product, too, so it’s not a mystery when you get home.
  • Keep it in the dark. Store bulk items in airtight containers, away from sunlight in coolish places. Refrigerate nuts and seeds. Some people like to refrigerate flours, too.

Offering Only The Freshest And The Best

We change and clean our bins regularly and often, taking steps to avoid traces of one item mixing with another. Still, if allergies to foods like nuts or gluten are a concern for you, be aware that New Leaf’s bulk bins are not allergy-free zones.