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We’re meticulous about our meat. Which is why before we partner with someone new, we visit each farm and ranch to ensure they raise animals humanely and meet our rigorous standards.

Everything we offer at our meat counter, including sausages, bacon and ham, is free of nitrates, hormones and antibiotics.

The Brands in our meat department

  • SunFed Ranch

    California Grass-fed Beef

    SunFed Ranch works under the highest standards, raising cattle humanely in a low-stress environment with room to roam each day. Grass-fed and grass-finished, this responsibly raised beef is also antibiotic and hormone-free. Committed to quality, these family ranchers produce sustainable beef that’s free-range, local and delicious!    


  • Cascade Creek Lamb

    California Grass-fed Lamb

    For generations, Cascade Creek ranchers have used progressive, sustainable methods to raise their flock. By letting the lambs graze in local vineyards, both the winemaker and rancher benefit! The lambs enjoy the indigenous vineyard foliage while providing a natural solution for grounds maintenance. Free-roaming and pasture raised, these lambs are passionately cared for by family farmers.

  • Beeler’s Pork

    Non-GMO Pork

    What sets Beeler’s Pork apart is their method of farming which ensures their pigs are raised with compassion, free to roam outside and choose their own environment. Minimally processed with no more than four or five ingredients in each product, Beeler’s pork is antibiotic-free with no added nitrites or nitrates and Non-GMO Project Verified.

  • Smart Chicken

    Natural and Organic

    Family-owned Smart Chicken raises the highest quality chicken using sustainable farming practices. Antibiotic and hormone-free, they use of domestic feed to reduce their carbon footprint and ensure the feed is high quality and fully traceable. Plus, Smart Chicken is 100% pure air-chilled which means a better texture and a clean, delicious flavor.

  • Diestel Turkey Ranch

    California Raised Turkey

    This fourth generation family farm is focused on sustainable farming practices while being thoughtful about the health and wellbeing of their flock. Raised under strict Global Animal Partnership standards without antibiotics, Diestel turkeys are always fed a 100% vegetarian diet from grain that’s freshly milled each day on the farm.

  • Oregon Country Beef

    Non-GMO Beef

    Raised by a co-op of family ranchers, Oregon Country Beef is delicious, sustainable and Non-GMO Project Verified! This third party verification means OCB follows rigorous standards on everything from the feed to the facilities. Plus, they use a fully-traceable model to ensure their cattle are raised on sustainable rangelands without antibiotics or added hormones.