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Farm-Fresh, Local & Organic Produce

How do you like them apples, artichokes, radishes...Way back in our hippie days we made a promise to ourselves and to you, our community, that whenever we could offer organic and local produce we would.


For produce to be labeled organic at New Leaf it needs to be grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and never exposed to sewage sludge or ionizing radiation. Our organic fruits and vegetables aren’t bioengineered, so they’re GMO-free. The farmers who grow our organic produce emphasize the use of renewable resources and work to conserve both soil and water. They’re stewards of the earth who want to leave a better, healthier environment to coming generations. Let’s hear it for organic!


Rooted here in the Central Coast, we’re lucky to have an abundant supply of locally grown produce. So when we say local, we mean it. In fact, you can be sure that anything labeled local was lovingly grown within a 100-mile radius of our markets.

We’re Green All Over

Green Means Organic: Shopping at New Leaf is like shopping at the farmer’s market. All our organic produce is labeled with our GREEN signage making it easy for you to spot. And since we prioritize organic produce, you will see a lot of green.