Just Label It Campaign

The Just Label It Campaign is calling for mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods. We have petitioned the FDA to require that genetically modified (GMO), often referred to as genetically modified or GMO, foods be labeled. Americans have a basic right to know what they?re eating and the right to make informed choices about what they eat.

Just Label It targets current federal legislation pending known as ?The Dark Act?

Representatives Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) and G. K. Butterfield (D-N.C.) have introduced legislation that we in the consumer rights community have dubbed the ?Deny Americans the Right-to-Know? Act (DARK Act).

The DARK Act would write into law the failed voluntary labeling system that we have had in place over the past 13 years. Under this code, not a single company has disclosed the presence of GMO ingredients in their products. The bill would also prevent the FDA from ever compelling labeling in the future and it would block states from imposing their own labeling requirements. Plus, it would specifically allow manufacturers to use the word ?natural? for products that contain GMO ingredients.

How can people get involved in the campaign?

1. Notify the FDA that you support the Just Label It petition. If you?ve already signed the petition, sign up to receive our email updates.

2. Donate! Help support our work to push Congress to pass a mandatory federal labeling law.

3. Let your Congressional delegates know you oppose the Pompeo Bill (the DARK Act)

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