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Exceptional and Exceptionally Delicious

We source our meat with great care, visiting every farm and ranch we partner with to be sure they raise animals humanely and meet our rigorous standards. Everything we offer at our meat counter—including our sausages, bacon and ham—is free of nitrates, hormones and antibiotics—and exceptionally delicious. 


The Brands in our meat department

  • Air-Chilled Smart Chicken Taste The Air-Chilled Difference

    Smart Chicken is the only brand of chicken we carry. Smart Chicken’s Air-Chill is a safer, more efficient process which locks in flavor, texture and tenderness, with no added water. Always fresh and never frozen. Click here for more information about Smart Chicken. 

  • Country Natural Beef More Than Beef

    Country Natural Beef raises their animals without antibiotics or added growth hormones and feeds them a 100% vegetarian diet, finish-feeding them on a corn-free, non-GMO diet with a ration of wheat or barley, cooked potatoes, alfalfa hay, and a mineral/vitamin supplement. Country Natural Beef is diligently working to eliminate all GMO feeds offered to their cattle during the animal’s entire life—and removing all corn and other GMO grains from the finish ration is a significant step in this process. Click here for more information about Country Natural Beef. 

  • Pasture One 100% Grass Fed Beef From Pasture To Plate

    Following century-old traditions of no feedlots and no corn, Pasture One raises exceptionally high-quality, grass-fed beef in U.S. pastures. This high-quality beef is low in fat and cholesterol and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. New Leaf partners with Pasture One so you can offer the best at your dinner table—healthful, tender grass-fed beef. Click here for more information about Pasture One. 

  • Niman Ranch Pork Raised With Care

    Niman Ranch works exclusively with small family farmers in the U.S. committed to raising the highest quality breeds and dedicated to caring for their livestock in conscientious, traditional ways. Niman Ranch sets guidelines for everything from genetic stock to how the animals are raised and what they’re fed. All this scrupulous oversight leads to consistently great tasting all-natural pork. Click here for more information about Niman Ranch Pork. 

  • Beeler's Pork Pure, Wholesome Pork

    For six generations, the Beeler family of Le Mars, Iowa has raised happy pigs that roam freely on the family’s farm, getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Dedicated to breeding and raising their pigs with their exclusive Heluka® method of farming, the Beeler’s animals are never fed growth hormones and are never chemically enhanced. The result is pork that’s an exceptional, consistent, wholesome and delicious. Click here for more information about Beeler's Pork.

  • Diestel Turkey Ranch A Family-Run Ranching Tradition

    The Diestel Family has been raising healthy, happy turkeys since 1949. Today, a fourth generation of these farmers continues the tradition, strictly controlling every facet of this tried-and-true operation—from supervising their own feed mill to overseeing distribution from their ranch to our markets. And we couldn't be more pleased that Diestel now offers certified non-GMO natural, organic and heirloom turkeys. Click here for more information about Diestel Turkey Ranch. 

  • Shepherd's Pride Lamb Raised Without Antibiotics Or Hormones

    Born and raised in the American West—in the lush green valleys of the Rocky Mountains, on the grassy prairies of Texas and coastal plains of Oregon—Shepherd’s Pride lambs are cared for by a co-op of more than 135 ranchers in 15 different states. Many are fourth- and fifth-generation ranchers, raising their sheep and their families on the same land their grandfathers and great grandfathers did. For these shepherds, ranching is more than a business; it’s a cherished family tradition. *Available most of the year. Click here for more information about Shepherd's Pride Lamb.

Look for other select and seasonal Meat

  • Lava Lake Grass-Fed Lamb Grass-Fed Goodness From The Northern Rockies

    Lava Lake’s grass-fed lambs range freely over nearly a million acres of land outside Sun Valley, Idaho. Raised with care by seasoned shepherds in much the same way they have been for centuries, they graze on the natural bounty of a vast and biologically diverse landscape. These lambs are fit and healthy, and their meat is wonderfully flavorful, juicy and nutrient rich. *Available seasonally, from July through September. Click here for more information about Lava Lake Lamb.