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Discover articles on organic and natural food, nutrition, cooking, the local community and much more!

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Healthy Living

Nine Tips for a Healthy Back to School Season

School is back in session (or close) and it's time to rethink the way we pack lunches. A sandwich, bag of pretzels and an apple is the classic packed lunch—and boy is it boring. And for kids, boring means one thing: not eaten. This year, make sure your child's lunch goes straight to her stomach—not the trash or someone else—by packing it with purpose. Keep the focus on fun and follow the guidelines below to create meals that are fresh, healthy and cost-effective. READ MORE »

Healthy Living

10 Ways to Ward off Excess Holiday Pounds

Do you find that the scale moves up a few pounds during this time of the year? During summertime, we're focused on our bodies, given we know we'll be wearing the revealing clothing that goes with that season, but when fall and winter come around, that mindset falls away like autumn leaves. Maybe it's our primitive instinct to bulk up when the weather gets colder; it probably also has a lot to do with our busy holiday shopping and social schedules interfering with our regular workouts, and with all the tasty holiday treats lying in wait to tempt us everywhere we turn, regardless. But don't let the layers of clothing become layers of fat. Follow these tips to stay healthier and fitter this holiday season. READ MORE »

Healthy Living

Take the Trick Out of Treating

What better way to take the trick out of treating than to make your own Halloween candy? You and your family can make an assortment of seasonal goodies including tasty toffee, crispy rice treats and a classic chocolate bar, just to name a few. READ MORE »

News & Events

6 Easy Ways to Support B Corporations

Certified B Corporations are leading an international movement to redefine the way companies do business. By voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance, Certified B Corps are setting themselves apart in a cluttered marketplace by offering a progressive vision of a better way to do business. READ MORE »

Healthy Living

Natural Egg Dyeing

Natural dyes are a great alternative to traditional artificial egg coloring. Fruits and vegetables are full of brilliant pigments that impart distinctive, bright or earth-toned hues to eggs. READ MORE »

Welcome to the New Leaf Community Markets Blog

Discover articles on organic and natural foods, nutrition, cooking, the local community, and much more!


Every New Leaf Community Market has a Wellness Department chockfull of tried-and-true products to nourish you inside and out. You’ll find supplements, skincare, cosmetics, fragrances, yoga accessories and more. ​Take a look! 

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See our statement on the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Trail Segment.